This map aims to create a repertory of kitsch* (see definition) restaurants, bars, lodging and road landmarks throughout the province of Québec.

Add a place that you know or have heard of, whether it can still be visited or no longer exists. To do so, indicate its location on the map and complete with any information you might have.

Even better: include a photo with your description! Any image is welcome: a family photo taken in that Old-France themed restaurant, the postcard of that motel done tiki style, the matchbook from a bar with Gaspé-inspired décor, etc. If you have further information or other images of a place already identified on the map, please don’t hesitate to add them to the ‘Comments’ section of that particular spot.

So go for it! Explore, shake and stir your memory, call your great aunt, and add a detail or some information not yet received.

Send all comments and questions to:

* For us, kitsch will refer here to thematic places whose dominant features are imitation, overload, the accumulation of materials, textures and colors, giving them character. Basically, it's the interpretation of a theme executed with the means available, to offer a multisensory experience to visitors.